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My F.A.Q. – Your Favourite Places To Read?

My F.A.Q. - Your Favourite Places To Read?

I've seen this question go around lately and had a few people ask me mine, so I thought I'd add my top five into the mix :-) 1. Waiting for my children.  With music lessons, sports practice, and me generally being a taxi service, I have a selection of books on my phone which is just perfect to keep me occupied :-) 2. Snuggled up in bed. I used to do this every night (even under the blankets with a torch after lights out) but life is exhausting so more info

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

People talk about simple pleasures and wanting to enjoy them more all the time, so I thought since I'm partaking in a couple of mine tonight, I'd share them. A local TV station has been playing one Star Trek movie a week for the past few months and even though I have them all on DVD, I find that I get a little excited when I see it come up on the TV guide. So tonight I indulged my husband's desire for pizza and mine for The Enterprise, and spent the last two hours in geeky more info

What’s Your Favourite…?

What's Your Favourite...?

Not exactly an F.A.Q. but something that I do get asked and often can't answer. What's my favourite book genre? TV show? Movie? Child? Seriously. I honestly can't answer that. Not just because one day my Spawn may read this, but because I don't have a favourite. I can't pick one thing I'd read or watch forever. I have enough trouble choosing between chocolate and bacon as the food I'd eat forever. But it did get me thinking. Could I watch Star Trek and nothing else for the rest of my life and be happy? more info

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