Book Review – Immortal Heat

Immortal Heat

by Loni Lynne

Michaela Miles Star Rating Michaela Miles Star Rating Michaela Miles Star Rating Michaela Miles Star Rating

This review was provided for Julie’s Book Review.

This paranormal romance starts promisingly with an intriguing trip by the main character to Romania. The reader learns about her past through a conversation with a very over-protective mother, which makes it easy to identify with her right from the beginning. It did start off a little slowly, with a lot of descriptive scene-setting, but the page-turning end of the first chapter was unexpected and just what the story needed.

From there, the reader is taken on an action-packed, fate-fuelled adventure, in a well-built universe full of everyone’s favourite paranormal creatures. The drama is interspersed with humour and a little romance now and then, building to tantalisingly unsatisfied attempted matings.

The true nature and relationships of the characters are skilfully explained by Loni who gives just the right amount of detail in each situation, and brings all the pieces together in the final scene.

This is an excellent first book of a series, but could be read as a stand-alone story as all the threads in this plot are woven to a satisfying conclusion.

I would highly recommend this book to lovers of paranormal romance, especially those who love fated mates.

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  1. KJD

    Great review, Michaela!

    • MM

      Thanks for checking it out, Kerry 🙂

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