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World Literary Days

World Literary Days

This week featured two fabulous literary days: World Book Day in the UK, and National Grammar Day in the US. I can't believe it's been a year since the last bookish week! I'm still disappointed we don't celebrate them in Australia. :-( I'd love to dress my kids up in bookish costumes! I obviously love books and am a bit of a grammar-holic (I especially love my style manuals!), but the focus on literacy would be a great bonus. I also have a long list of pet hates, so I am wondering if everyone does, or more info

My F.A.Q. – How Much Of You Is In Your Books?

My F.A.Q. - How Much Of You Is In Your Books?

This is a killer question, especially for a writer of romance/erotica/crime books! The simple answer is none of my characters are based on any real person, myself included, and I can categorically deny ever committing a crime or being swept off my feet by anyone other than my husband. ;-) However the inspiration for a plot, scene, or even just a line, often comes from a real experience, usually a fleeting moment or offhand comment that hangs around in my brain until it's needed. And a lot of more info

My F.A.Q. – How Do You Decide On A Title?

My F.A.Q. – How Do You Decide On A Title?

It's been a while since I did an FAQ and I was asked this great question the other day. Titles are something like blurbs for me - a necessary evil. As an author, you want to use your blurb to show your readers a taste of what they can expect, but you don't want to give everything away, and it's the same with a title. It needs to suit the book, draw attention, be meaningful and memorable, and these days, be readable at thumbnail size. For more info

Book Pimpin’

Book Pimpin'!

My favourite UK crime author has done it again! He's released another cracking tale from the DCI Jones Casebooks and without any spoilers, you won't see the ending coming and that's very hard to do these days. Below, I've also linked to some of my favourite US authors, so no matter which hemisphere you're in, grab a hot summer read, or a good book to snuggle in and curl up with.

Kerry J Donovan

Veteran cop, DCI David Jones, is more info

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